I´m Laura Ross

LRoss Consulting can help determine what may be missing

from your business

How we can help

Often small businesses are run by visionaries with a "Big Picture" focus. However, the success in any business comes from the attention to detail and ensuring a smooth operation. Your clients need to believe that you are looking after your business the same way you will look after them.

LRoss Consulting can help determine what may be missing from your business as it is currently being run or what tweaks can be made to your existing processes to make your employees and clients feel that you have touched on all the key components to making your business a success.

What We Do

Organize and coordinate external resources and internal staff in a variety of functions including operations, finance, legal, tax and technology allowing management to focus on key sales and firm activities.

Ensure an effective control and operating structure to accommodate current operations and facilitate future growth.

  • Understand and identify operational business issues and develop and implement creative, strategic and logical solutions to resolve them
  • Develop relationships with any outside firm suppliers, vendors, software partners to ensure maximum efficiency between the two entities
  • Working with firm bookkeeper to ensure financial analysis is current

  • Jonathan HaldanePresident, Zoom and Go

    Laura helped us with hiring and preliminary training of an operations assistant, hiring a CFO, and providing overall operational recommendations and critical planning assistance. She was a pleasure to work with and provided an insight and strategic advice that exceeded our expectations. We continue to work with the staff she sourced for us and we implemented the changes she recommended to great success. We would hire her again without hesitation.

  • Michael PhilbrickPresident, Invest Resolve

    We found Laura's experience, professional network, and knowledge of the investment industry indispensable in determining the best companies to partner with while launching our business.

  • Bill TebbuttPrincipal, Chief Financial Officer, The Murray Wealth Group

    Laura helped us during the start up phase in our business, including hiring and preliminary training of an operations manager, creating an improved compliance management process, co-ordinating custodial training, outsourcing of our IT requirements, updating our website and providing overall operational advice and critical planning assistance.

  • Peter McCarthyPrincipal, Vice President Business Development

    Laura helped us during a critical time in our business. We had just lost the backbone to our Operations and Compliance on short notice. Laura quarterbacked the hiring and preliminary training of an operations manager. Through her hard work we created an improved compliance management process, we outsourced all of our IT requirements, we outsourced our accounting function, updated our website and there was a step change to our overall operational platform. She was invaluable to the Roundtable Capital Partners team.