What if something unexpected happens? Are you prepared?
Have you communicated your health, financial and estate wishes with your family and your executor?
Will your family and children maintain a good relationship after you pass?

Death is the “Elephant in the Room.” It happens to all of us but no-one likes to talk about it. Talking about your wishes with respect to your health, your finances and your estate is the best gift you can give your family to ensure they maintain a solid relationship after you pass. Help them execute your wishes rather than guess what you want.

Please contact us to do a needs assessment to determine if your estate is well positioned to transfer to the next generation.

How we can help

Laura Ross Estate Consulting can work with you to do a needs assessment to ensure your wishes with respect to your health, finances and estate have been clearly documented and communicated with your family. This will allow for a smooth execution of your estate and reduce family conflict as much as possible.

  • Meet with couples/families to do a needs assessment of the estate including future health needs, financial assets, reducing probate, family vacation properties, transfer of wealth etc.
  • Meet to understand and identify overall estate goals and identify possible challenges with the estate and determine logical solutions to solve them.
  • Assist the family with a communication strategy to discuss their estate with their family members.

In addition, we can work closely with the Executor, post death, to provide direction on estate execution or handle the full range of Executor duties on your behalf at a much lower cost than a lawyer or financial advisor.

Ensure an effective control and operating structure to accommodate current operations and facilitate future growth.

  • Organize, partner with and coordinate family members, interested parties and external resources to ensure the smooth execution of familial estates at a much lower cost than using a lawyer or accountant.
  • Ensure regular communication with interested parties regarding the status of all aspects of the estate administration including expenses incurred for the estate.
  • Develop relationships with all interested parties, financial, familial, legal etc to ensure efficiency and timely execution of estate.

  • Cliff & Lori

    We were recommended to Laura by a friend and are very pleased with her advice and program. She brought much needed clarity to our estate planning during a difficult time in our lives. She also provided us with some great strategies that helped to reorganize our parents estate in a way that the entire family is comfortable with and will not doubt avoid future conflict.

  • H & K

    Thank you very much for your assistance. We found your very direct approach most refreshing and helpful in dealing with sticky issues.

  • Ann

    I felt as an executor that I had a huge responsibility and did not know where to start. You gave me guidelines to follow and even made contact with several for advice as to what was actually required! Thanks so so much Laura for all your help and advice. I especially appreciated your patience and tolerance. I really could not have done it without you!

  • Leslie

    I started the conversation with my dad and thanks to my meeting with you I brought to his attention number of things he really hadn’t thought of.